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Complete Wine-A-Rita and Wine Glace’ Product Guide

Complete Wine-A-Rita and Wine Glace’ Product Guide BigCityMarket.Com has recently published a new article on their Site about Wine-A-Rita. Presented as a Product Guide it provides some very interesting information about all the Wine-A-Rita products. It begins; It was October of 2010 when Donna and Judy (owners of Wine Glace’) granted Big City Market permission to become an online retailer….. Read the full article here.

The Best Price on Wine-A-Rita

Big City Market has the best prices on all your Wine-A-Rita beverage mix needs. They stock the full line of Wine-A-Rita products including the large 21 oz commercial size bags. Big City Market is a well established on line retailer offering competitive prices on quality products. They are known for their fast shipping and courteous service. Big City Market inventories all their products and they ship their own orders. (This is the kind of on line company you want to do business with!) Order your Wine-A-Rita on line from Big City Market today!

Where to Buy Wine-A-Rita Peach Bellini Beverage Mix 21 oz Bag

The 21oz Commercial sized bag of Wine-A-Rita Peach Bellini is now available at BigCityMarket.Com. The mix comes in a no frills white bag with directions on how to make Peach Bellini’s with a large frozen drink machine, or a regular home blender. The entire bag of mix yields 1.25 gallons of delicious Peach Bellini’s. You can also use the mix with Ginger Ale for a tasty non-alcoholic frozen treat. No decorative boxes are available for this item.

Where To Buy Wine-A-Rita

BigCityMarket.Com has all the Wine A Rita beverage mixes in stock and ready to ship! For added value, they offer an assorted 4 pack and 5 pack.
It’s time for a party, invite friends over and serve all 5 Wine-A-Rita beverage mixes!! Not only will you be known as the hostess (or host) of a fabulous get together, but you can also be one of the first to introduce your friends to Berry Pom-A-Rita (newest flavor from Wine-A-Rita). Each of the mixes has its own unique flavor. Peach Bellini – Italy’s answer to a Mimosa – Mix with White Wine or Champagne CosmoRita – A new twist on a classy cocktail – Mix with Wine or Vodka Senorita – A south of the border favorite – Mix with White Wine or Tequila Wine Glace’ – The first mix created by Wine-A-Rita – mix with Red or White Wine Berry Pom-A-Rita – The newest flavor from Wine-A-Rita – Pomegranate and Blueberries yummy!! You can also make a wonderful frozen non alcoholic treat by substituting the Wine (or other spirit) with Ginger Ale.