Cashmere Woods Glade

Cashmere Woods Fall Collection Glade Premiun Jar Candle 4oz. Everyday candles that provide quality fragrance at a great value.Burns up to 22 hours. Infuse light, warmth and scent into every room in your home. Glade Candles have a way of boosting your spirits and helping to dissipate the troubles of the day. Cashmere Woods Fall Collection Limited Edition Glade Scented Oil 2oz Candle. These unique, refillable candles melt into a large pool of scented wax, quickly releasing fragrance into the air. As the whole room fills with fragrance, you can relax and enjoy the wonderful lightplay of the shimmering candlelight. The candle melts away completely, leaving no mess behind, ready for you to add a new fragrance refill. Wrap yourself in a warm sweater and indulge in the scents of rich amber and bergamot. You can almost hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet!

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